seeing in monochrome

Shawol . Potterhead . SuperWhoLockian.
"Angels and demons circle above my head, cleaving through thorns and Milky Ways... "

My friend got a new puppy, who seems to be quite a fan of hide and seek
Idol: tweets
Fans: what
Translator: tweets
Fans: ohh AW THAT'S CUTE
Jonghyun: tweets
Fans: what
Translator: tweets
Fans: what
Onew: tweets
Fans: what
Translator: what
Fans: what


So I’ve pretty much been mia for forever, but this past year has been unbelievably hectic.

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me when i have no fucking idea what you just said  (via crystalreed)

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Dream Girl era Key for keybuni

What do you mean “you have to study”

ϟ Thunder ϟ
this is suspicioso but hello ;0 i luh whitney

lolz, super suspicious indeed but okay. hai seph c: i’ve really got to send you a loooong message and see hows life and whatnot ‘cause its long overdue

Anonymous sent: How did you ever know f-f-f-fight

we met through a previous mutual friend of ours anon!